Contulting, Measurements, Project, Production, Transport, Assembly – in this way KADA MEBLE presents its offer. And so it was. Despite, that my kitchen is very big and irregular and has niches. There was professionalism on every step and this kind of precision I have never seen. I’m very satisfied and of course I do recommend them.
Barbara (29.06.2017 r.)

   After redecorating my flat I needed a alcove closet and a big coat-stand in my hall. I haven’t searched for another company, because I knew how KADA made an order for my daughter. Why should I search anywhere else, when the job is made very solid and in reasonable price? I have ordered from KADA MEBLE and I recommend this company!
Bogusław Monikas father (19.05.2017 r.)


   I have ordered in KADA MEBLE a big closet to my hall. In agreed day came man from the firm and they have made the precise measurements. I have picked the colour for my future closet from whole gamut of colours. When the workers came back with the closet and they have assembled it, they have cleaned the whole hall. Everything went fast, beautiful and tidy. I’m very satisfied.
Monika (09.02.2017 r.)